What I Learned While Remodeling My HomeWhat I Learned While Remodeling My Home

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What I Learned While Remodeling My Home

Me and my wife bought a fixer-upper a few years ago with every intention on converting it into our dream home. The problem was, we were not nearly as skilled in home construction and remodeling as we thought we were. After a few failed projects, we needed to really take a step back and reevaluate our plan. We knew there was no money in the budget to hire a contractor to do everything, so there were some skills we were going to have to learn on our own. After several months of actively seeking out the information we needed to get the job done, we were finally able to successfully remodel the kitchen in our new house. While the house is still a work in progress, we are successfully accomplishing new tasks every day. In this blog, I hope to bring together all of the information we learned along the way.

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Asphalt Driveway Maintenance And Sealcoating Tips

Asphalt driveways do not last forever. They can fade from weather, crack, and even crumble. If not maintained properly, an asphalt driveway can quickly look like a gravel mess filled with weeds, rather than a beautiful driveway. Maintaining a driveway doesn't take too much work, but it definitely should be done in order to keep your driveway looking like new. See below for some maintenance tips.

Keep It Clean

Sweep off your driveway with a stiff bristle push broom to keep dirt and debris from building up. Be sure to get rid of grass clippings, as those clippings can embed themselves in your driveway and begin growing into the tiniest cracks. Cut your grass so it blows away from your driveway, rather than onto it. 

Remove Stains

If your driveway has any stains from oil, grease, paint, or otherwise, be sure to remove them. You can use an asphalt cleaner, which can be found at your local hardware store. You can also use a mild dish soap and water, along with a scrub brush to remove the stains. If you leave these stains on your driveway, they can cause your asphalt to become brittle and eventually break down.


Here's What You Need:

  • Asphalt sealer (enough to cover your entire driveway)
  • Long-handled squeegee
  • Leaf blower
  • Paintbrush
  • Caution tape


Before starting, watch the weather to be sure you have two or three days of good weather, without any rain in the forecast. It should also be somewhat warm outside.

  1. Use the leaf blower to blow debris off of your driveway. 
  2. When you have a clear driveway, use the paintbrush to paint the asphalt sealer on your driveway around the edges and near landscaping (so the sealer doesn't get anywhere it shouldn't be).
  3. Next, use the long-handled squeegee to apply the sealer to your driveway. Work in small sections, starting at the top of your driveway, applying it evenly as you move down the driveway.
  4. When finished, use caution tape to mark off your driveway to warn drivers to stay off of your driveway. You need about 48 hours for the driveway to cure and set before driving on it (read the manufacturer's directions on the sealer for a more accurate dry/set time). 

Keep your driveway clean and free of debris and stains in order to keep it looking like new. Be sure to sealcoat it every other year, or more often if necessary. Call a professional sealcoating company to have your driveway sealed for you if you need help with this project.