What I Learned While Remodeling My Home

Comparing Gas and Wood Fireplaces

Gas and wood fireplaces both operate in the same manner, by burning fuel to provide your home with heat. However, because wood and natural gas are greatly different, each type of fireplace provides a different set of benefits. Understanding the differences between the two types of fireplaces can help you decide which one is best […]

How To Remove The Finish On Brass Doors

Bringing old commercial doors back to life can take work. Brass doors were popular during the past century on commercial buildings, but over time, the grand appearance of these doors can become dull as the original lacquer finish wears off and exposes the brass to oxygen. You will need to clean the doors and remove […]

Roof Green: 3 Practices To Implement When Replacing Your Roof

Although solar panels are a great way to reduce environmental footprints and save on monthly energy costs, there are other green building practices that you can incorporate into your upcoming roofing project to be sustainable. Here are three ways you can use sustainable products, conserve natural resources and build a high-quality, energy-saving roof: 1. Only […]

How To Keep Your Concrete Patio Clean And Maintained

When you first install a concrete patio, it will look clean and beautiful. Unfortunately, concrete can quickly develop dirt, dust, oil, and debris. On a regular basis, you should clean your patio and keep it well maintained. This will prolong its lifespan. Here are some tips for cleaning and maintaining your concrete patio. Cleaning the […]

Where Roofing And Air Conditioning Intersect

Keeping your air conditioning bills down is critical if you have a tight budget. Choosing a highly efficient air conditioning system will help to keep your costs down, but it won’t be enough on its own. An AC system has to contend with heat gain. The more heat that enters your home, the more your […]

How To Create A True Country Kitchen In Your Home

Many homes today feature so-called country kitchens. But these are mostly just regular American kitchens with distressed cabinetry and faux rustic finishes. If you want a real country kitchen, like you’d find in a European cottage or even a larger manor home, read on. Here are six elements you need to create the real thing. […]

Stop! 5 Items You Should NEVER Flush

Most people realize that a child cannot flush a toy dinosaur down the toilet, but there are many more seemingly innocent items that regularly get flushed into a home’s septic system that, in reality, can do extreme damage. In fact, the city of Portland, Oregon stresses that the only thing that should be flushed is […]