What I Learned While Remodeling My Home

How To Create A True Country Kitchen In Your Home

Many homes today feature so-called country kitchens. But these are mostly just regular American kitchens with distressed cabinetry and faux rustic finishes. If you want a real country kitchen, like you’d find in a European cottage or even a larger manor home, read on. Here are six elements you need to create the real thing. […]

Stop! 5 Items You Should NEVER Flush

Most people realize that a child cannot flush a toy dinosaur down the toilet, but there are many more seemingly innocent items that regularly get flushed into a home’s septic system that, in reality, can do extreme damage. In fact, the city of Portland, Oregon stresses that the only thing that should be flushed is […]

How To Avoid Pothole Damage To Your Car

Given that the price of tires has been rising, it would make sense to do whatever you can to postpone the need to replace your tires. One of the most common problems that tires face are potholes, but there are ways to protect your car from them. Check the Tire Pressure for Your Car Make […]

How To Close Your Hot Tub For Winter

Some people may want to keep their hot tub open for the winter months to enjoy during those cold winter nights. Others, however, would rather close it up to keep the freezing cold temperatures from causing damage to their hot tub. There are certain steps that should be taken to close your hot tub properly […]

Fencing Off An Industrial Mess And Protecting Residents

When an industrial property is abandoned, more than just empty buildings and broken dreams are left to molder.  Sometimes debris, hazardous materials, and contaminated soil and water are present. In these cases, more than just looters and trespassers are at risk of being harmed if allowed to enter an abandoned site.  Children, pets, the transient, […]