What I Learned While Remodeling My Home

3 Ways To Restore An Old, Worn Concrete Patio

Weather, usage, and time can all take tolls on an exposed concrete patio. Do you have a concrete patio that is still structurally sound but has numerous cosmetic issues? There are a few ways you can use concrete supplies to potentially restore your patio to look brand new – and only one of the tips […]

5 Benefits To Hiring A Junk Removal Company

If you’re working on a big project at your home, it’s a good idea to hire a junk removal company to get rid of the trash. This can make your life easier and can make working on your project less stressful due to the many benefits that this service offers. Take a look at the […]

Auto Glass Mold: What All Car Drivers Should Know

Have you ever noticed that moisture that builds up inside your car along the windshield? Particularly in the winter season, moisture can pool on the inside of your car and can sometimes cause mold to grow. Auto glass mold must be treated right away. If you have never heard of auto glass mold and where […]

Are You Ready To Paint Like A Pro?

Are you ready to change the color in one of the rooms in your home? Maybe you just bought a house and have decided to give it a make-over. Taking the time to paint like a professional means you following a few steps for getting the results you can be proud of. Check out how […]

4 Vinyl Siding Options And Upgrades

Vinyl siding remains one of the most popular cladding options in the United States thanks to its durability, versatility and relatively low cost, with an average price of around $12,000 to refinish the average home. While traditional vinyl siding has a smooth finish and clean lines, homeowners may be surprised to learn that modern vinyl siding […]

5 Simple Patio Makeover Ideas

Patios are such a pleasant part of your life. They afford you the chance to enjoy the outdoors without giving up your creature comforts. However, perhaps you haven’t changed your patio in a while, and you feel it’s time for an update. Your patio makeover doesn’t have to be a radical overhaul. With a few […]

Comparing Gas and Wood Fireplaces

Gas and wood fireplaces both operate in the same manner, by burning fuel to provide your home with heat. However, because wood and natural gas are greatly different, each type of fireplace provides a different set of benefits. Understanding the differences between the two types of fireplaces can help you decide which one is best […]